COVID-19 - Health Inside Out


During these times we remain committed to the care and safety of both you and our staff. For your health and safety, we have modified our Wellness Center experience to meet or exceed public health requirements with cleaning, sanitization, and physical distancing.

Cleaning: commercial cleaning continues twice per week with additional cleaning of each area throughout the center daily. All surfaces are wiped down multiple times throughout the day using a medical-grade virucidal cleanser.

Sanitization: we sanitize each modality utilized before and after each customer. The entire center is additionally sanitized via ozonation overnight when unoccupied.

Physical Distancing: we have arranged our setup to facilitate six feet of distancing between clients and rearranged our scheduling to reduce the total volume in the center at one time.


With health and safety prioritized, we are defining the future of HIO to meet evolving customer expectations. All masks days. These are days designed for all staff and all clients to wear masks and honor physical distancing.

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