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Nervous System

Nervous system- When the body is exposed to extreme temperatures, the brain uses the nervous system as a network of signals to detect weakness and disruption in the body. This scanning process provides valuable information regarding the integrity of all organ systems, in particular the nervous system. This communicative exchange between the brain and the body induces a healing response that addresses deficiencies in the nervous system and can support the body’s innate mission to repair itself at a cellular level.

Energetics- The human body generates its own frequency and vibration. This energetic frequency is disrupted regularly by many factors including environmental stress, toxins, diet, sleep deprivation, injury, inflammation, disease and the overuse of electronics. Much like an electrical current on a wire, cryotherapy creates an electrical charge in the human body by exposing it to a superficial cold and internal core heat. This current travels along the different energy meridians of the body and on to the organs opening areas of disruption.

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